Nikki Kingsley

Nikki’s remarkable story began in Pakistan where she was born in a Muslim family. She arrived in America at the age of thirty with her two young children, seeking freedom from an arranged marriage, and discovered the promise found in the dream called America.

Having finally found freedom from oppression, Nikki started seeking Allah passionately. She had burning desire to know Him in a deeper way, but no matter how much she prayed and begged Allah, she experienced darkness and the door between them stayed shut.

Then suddenly Nikki’s life went through a dramatic turn when she started having an extraordinary series of mystical experiences. The door that she had been knocking on suddenly opened, and who she met on the other side turned her 40 year Muslim world upside down.

She encountered The Truth in the person of Jesus Christ, and it ultimately led her to make a choice between the faith she had known and practiced, and the Truth that was being revealed to her in a powerful way.

Nikki Kingsley’s dynamic account of her faith journey from darkness into Light is detailed in her book, Thirst for Truth: From Mohammad to Jesus.