Fr. Jose Maniyangat

Fr Jose Maniyangat

Father Jose Maniyangat is a world known speaker and is an instrument of healing. He was ordained in 1975 in the Diocese of Thiruvalla, India. In 1992 Father Jose came to the St. Augustine Diocese and worked in several parishes. He retired from active parish duties April 15, 2016, to be able to share the Ministry invested to him by God with people around the world.

On Divine Mercy Sunday, April 14, 1985, Father Jose was on the way to celebrate Mass when he was in a fatal collision with a drunk driver. Father Jose, accompanied by his Guardian Angel, visited Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven.

During his time in Heaven, Father Jose received a special message from God. Our Lord told him that the world was in great need of healing: “I need you. I want you to go back. In your second life you will be an instrument of healing, deliverance, and peace to My people and you will walk in a foreign land and speak a foreign tongue,” and was given the gift of healing.

Fr. Jose has traveled to major cities of the United States and countries overseas to conduct Eucharistic Healing Services, retreats, and conferences. Many miraculous healings have occurred at these services through the healing power of Jesus Christ who is the Supreme Healer.