Dr. Tom Graves

Dr Tom Graves

Dr. Tom Graves always knew he wanted to be a doctor; he remembers praying to God as a young child asking for the opportunity to attend medical school. After graduating from Williams College, his lifelong dream was realized when he entered Wayne State University School of Medicine. 

In 1989, Dr. Tom co-founded Bay Area Family Physicians in New Baltimore, Michigan. He and his co-founders wanted an “old-fashioned” family doctor’s office. They wanted to create an office environment where people’s spiritual life is as important as their medical health. Dr. Tom feels incredibly blessed to be a family doctor, saying that it is so fun “it’s like getting paid to play baseball.”

He especially loves praying with his patients—something he considers to be the most important aspect of his care. 

While Dr. Tom loves being a doctor, he loves his wife, Anne, and their children, Tommy and Sarah, even more, and counts his family as his greatest treasure on earth. 

Dr. Tom’s strong faith is part of everything he does. He seeks to bring the message of Jesus Christ to everyone he meets. He co-founded HART (The Haiti and Africa Relief Team), which seeks to bring Jesus to Haiti through medical and dental service, as well as food, clothes, and most importantly, love. 

And Dr. Tom helped start CMF (Catholic Men’s Fellowship) – a group of men who meet weekly to grow closer to Jesus, and to learn to love, share, and serve Jesus with His people.