Dr. Carlos Parellada

Dr. Carlos Parellada, a surgeon at Centro Médico Hospital in Guatemala City, Guatemala, was involved in the study of the Tixtla (Mexico) Eucharistic Miracle, where he used his expertise as a surgeon to extract a sample to be provided for pathological review.

He will speak on the Eucharistic Miracle in Tixtla, Mexico, that he investigated and other Eucharistic miracles. Carlos Parellada, MD, is a Colon/Rectal Surgeon at Centro Medical Hospital in Guatemala City, Guatemala. He graduated from Francisco Marroquin University Medical College and was trained in General Surgery at Hospital San Juan de Dios in Guatemala. He was trained in Laparoscopic and Colon and Rectal Surgery at the Centre for Digestive Diseases at the Leeds General Infirmary in England, UK.

He is married to Marisol Gonzalez and has 4 adult children. He and his wife have given many lectures to high school students about chastity, STDs, abortion, and other life issues. Since investigating the Tixtla Eucharistic miracle, he and his wife have given lectures on Eucharistic miracles in churches, First Communion parent and child settings, and more.